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General gardening, soft landscaping, lawn maintenance, hedge trimming and small trees pruning, flower bed maintenance, weeding etc...
All windows cleaning, window frames, ledges, doorsteps and doors cleaning. All PVC and woodwork cleaning!
Preparing the ground for turfing
Patio, driveway and decking washing, all pressure washing
End of tenancy and spring cleaning service tailored to your needs...


A little bit about hedges...


Hedges below knee height are usually thought of as borders. Hedges with sophistacated shapes and interlaced borders forming knot gardens or parterres were fashionable in Europe during the 16th and early 17th centuries. Generally they were appreciated from a raised position, either the windows of a house, or a terrace.

Hedges may be grown to above eye level to ensure privacy, and they can be trimmed to the desired shape and height.  For example, some big hedges can be shaped to complement a garden with ornamental statues to enhance the gardens visual effect.



What we do...

We trim and care for all types and all sizes of hedge.  Formal and informal trimming is offered.

It is important to care for a hedge on a regular basis, especially during the warmer months due to it's rapid growth in warmer conditions.  If a hedge is neglected for too long it might grow in an undesired way and the general direction of hedge growth cannot easily be manipulated.  When there is overgrowth, the sunlight and water cannot penetrate the plant easily which causes leaves to brown and dry, causing dying foliage and when dying foliage is not treated it attracts fungus and mould more easily. Hence the plant will be more susceptible to rot and disease.

We maintain the health of a hedge by ensuring that dead or diseased foliage is trimmed back and treated as far as possible.

We offer a hedge care program that sets out to identify the cause of any problem with a hedge, such as disease or slow growth. When we have found problem, we will explain to you what the cause of the problem is, and can then discuss the treatment required.

How much does it cost? 

We provide fixed priced quotes based on the ammount of work to be done. Prices vary beginning from £30. Each quote include the waste removal and vat with no hidden costs