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General gardening, soft landscaping, lawn maintenance, hedge trimming and small trees pruning, flower bed maintenance, weeding etc...
All windows cleaning, window frames, ledges, doorsteps and doors cleaning. All PVC and woodwork cleaning!
Preparing the ground for turfing
Patio, driveway and decking washing, all pressure washing
End of tenancy and spring cleaning service tailored to your needs...

Patio and driveway cleaning

Does your patio or driveway look like it could do with cleaning? Did you use your Karcher pressure washer and see no improvement?  Would you like to have your driveway/patio look like new?

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Revive your existing patio, driveway or path.....

ZZ Domestic Patio Cleaning Service uses only the highest quality equipment and with our powerful petrol-engined pressure washer, we can clean your patio slabs of either concrete, natural stone, imprinted concrete or block paving thoroughly but also relatively quickly. Patios are often laid in sheltered areas of your garden, which makes them nice for sitting in but can mean they stay damp for longer, particularly if the area is north -facing. These are the conditions that weeds, moss, algae, and lichens love. We pre-treat the area for weeds, moss, and algae and after giving that (ideally) several days to work, we pressure to clean the area using only cold water. We don't use abrasive chemicals at any point, which can affect the color of your surface. For best results, we use 100 % environment-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products which bring out the best of your patio surface.


How do we do it?

The procedure we follow for total paving restoration:                                                                                              

  1. Weed killing and minor repair work.

  2. Deep cleaning using our special flat surface rotary cleaning attachment

  3. Super turbo finish

  4. Re-sanding using fresh kiln-dried sand.

  5. Application of suitable sealer (optional)

How much does it cost?                                                                     

This depends on the surface area and as an example, an average 2 car driveway will cost in the region of £80-120 for cleaning only. Smaller driveways will cost from £50-£80, garden patios form begins £30 for cleaning only. 
If there shall be resanding applied we arrange cleaning follow-on visit in the range of price between £30 - £80

How long will it take?

With the high-pressure equipment, we use it takes a fraction of the time that would be required by a domestic jet washer. The high-tech design of our low-level rotary cleaner keeps the mess under control and away from adjacent areas. Areas of 200 to 400 square meters can be completed in a day, although a follow-up visit may be required to brush in the sand if resanding is required. If the application of a sealant is ordered this normally requires a second visit to apply the sealant.

How long does the sealing last?

Depending on local conditions, an acrylic sealant last 1 to 3 years. We recommend re-treatment usually after 2 years if required and typically double amount of pre-polymer urethane sealant this time. Regular light rinsing helps to prolong the good condition of your patio/driveway surface.





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