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How do we set up a new lawn? 

Setting up a new lawns with turf can be spread from March to the end of November without hot days above 25 degrees C and cold.




Preparing the ground for turfing

The first step in the preparation of the site is to see if the area where the lawn has created a layer of fertile soil min. 8-10 cm. In the case of a poor substrate area to fertilize by adding organic substances in the form of peat or compost substrate 1-5 cm to the surface. This supplement will improve air and water relations in the soil. In the case of heavy soils add the increasing permeability of the sand.


The area must be dug to remove stones and other debris. The area under the lawn should be perfectly leveled and compacted. We get this effect by repeatedly raking-grading of the transformation of the tamping feet moving the entire weight of the body on the heel, then roll with 50-70 kg.

In dry periods, moisten the area the day before spreading turf. 

Installation – turf rolls striping

Unfolding the lawn is simple, can be done household. Purchased material to be developed as soon as possible to the target site. Laying best to start from the natural straight line, eg along the building curb.Develop one roll at the second attempt in to each successive government has been shifted relative to each other by half the length of the segment (pattern brick in the wall).

Strips should closely contact without leaving gaps. On the slopes of turf studs fastened 1-3 per m2. After development of the whole r and watered. During the first 3 weeks watering is important.

Top abundantly watered early in the morning or evening lawn and soil filtration to 8 cm. However, if you notice signs of drying (grass gets darker and loses elasticity, and after stamping mark on the grass and the grass glitters is not raises) should be watered even in the middle of the hot day.

The first cut after a week we rot reaches the height of about 10 cm. Then shorten the lawn to 6 cm. In later mows (once a week), we can gradually reduce the height of the mower, but not less than 4 cm.

Rooting process takes about three weeks. During the adoption of the lawn is weak and susceptible to drying, sometimes it may look unfavourably. After the formation of roots that connect it with the ground is ready for use. Regardless of the process of rooting the lawn moderately can use immediately after installation if it is not too wet or dried.

After placing the same rules as the care and fertilization of lawns from seed.