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Weeting agent



Normally, when you were setting the budget for laying a new lawn, the irrigation system comes as the last consideration, resulting in the formation of dry areas. Soil once dry absorbs water again with difficulty. That’s why we highly recommend to use wetting agent which stimulates infiltration and storage of water.




What is the secret of the wetting agent?

By creating a sustainable water shell around the molecules of the substrate wetting agent ensures that the water and the air moved uniformly and continuously between the roots of plants. Plants gain water easier and have more access to it, so they are more resistant to drought. Plants immune system is strengthened, resulting in increased resistance to the turf.

How does it work?

Wetting agent ensures that the water penetrates more evenly in the roots area so the plant has a better protection against high temperatures. Wetting agent is a perfect complement to lawn care program offered by ZZ Domestic – in some cases it completely replace the system of automatic lawn irrigation. However, note that a wetting agent helps to store water, not to water your lawn.

When does ZZ Domestic performs the procedure?

Our representative will provide you with detailed comprehensive information on your lawn. In general, treatment is usually carried out 2-3 times a year, in early and late spring and early summer, which works throughout periods of drought, and this allows to obtain a beautiful green turf in times of drought .